Creating That Culinary Experience

The Culinary Conservatory is a membership experience where Chef Amadeus and staff will come to your home and take you and your friends on a one-of-a-kind culinary journey.   For inquires click here.

The Art of Yakitori with Chef amadeus

Let Chef Amadeus take you on an amazing culinary journey through his passion and the smoke from his Yakitori grill. Chef Amadeus has a true passion to bring flavors and techniques from around the world to make sure his clients and guest have a true culinary experience.

Door Knock Session

You and your friends challenge Chef Amadeus' passion and skills to create a meal with what you have in your home. Invite 9 of your friends and Chef Amadeus will arrive with his passion and his Southern Passion Spices to create a one of a kind culinary experience. While in your home, Chef Amadeus will be more than happy to answer your culinary questions, show you simple cooking techniques that will make your time with your friends "A Bumpin' Good Time" 


  o·ma·ka·se/ A meal consisting of dishes selected by the chef.  Allow Chef Amadeus to take control of your Culinary experience and he will tickle your taste buds with Japanese Flavors. Chef Amadeus makes the most incredible plates of culinary creations. NEVER underestimate what is in a little chefs culinary heart. You will be so amazed of what a true passion can create. 

virtual Cooking classes with chef amadeus

Cooking Like a Food network extreme chef

  Chef Amadeus has been teaching his fans how to Have A Bumpin' Good Time in their kitchen via Virtual Cooking Classes. If you are looking to take your cooking skills to the next level, Let Chef Amadeus introduce you to the simple way of enjoying being in your own kitchen. You will receive recipes, a travel size bottle of Lil Bump spices to help make your dishes have a depth of flavor.  Sessions will start at $75 a hour minimum 2 hours